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CEO's Message

Sarabjeet Singh Bharaj

At Indore Indira we are pledged to redefining educational system. Through the guidance of trained and inspired leader, the students are taken across the gap of their present knowledge and experience and placed at a level of knowledge and competence that enables them to immediately step into the high standard of efficiency required in today's world of business.

Our students will develop communication and analytical skills. Emphasis will be laid on complete personality development to develop a multi-dimensional personality, suited to face the challenges of demanding market, while being supported by inner strength of character. After these three year of undergraduate course, the students find themselves competent and skilled both to step directly into the professional arena with full confidence in their won ability to earn a living, honestly and intelligently.

The two state-of-the-art campuses of Indore Indira feature modern classrooms, hi-tech computer labs, sterile air-conditioned laboratories, well-stocked library, a large auditorium and a multi-cuisine canteen with complete food facility. The students will find here an environment that will both encourage and enliven their desire for study and self improvement.

We welcome all to the inspired world of Indore Indira, where you will surely find a new approach to prepare

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