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Why Indore Indira Science Program ?

Indore Indira strives to change the way science education is looked upon and revolutionize science undergraduate education. We initiate and support a range of activities that engage students in activities and projects of applied sciences which in turn broadens their horizon in their field of interest.

Industry Specific Training

Indore Indira has identified many existing and prospective industries that would seek human equipped with scientific background and managerial skills.

Our undergraduate Science program will provide you with the opportunity to prepare for a number of career goals right from the first year. Possible alternatives include Proteomics, Essence & flavors, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Genetics, Stem Cell, Clinical Research, Pharma and Climatology etc.


Exposure & Opportunities

Indore Indira are committed to producing the best talent in applied sciences and that is why our students are given a lot of exposure to the recent developments in science.

The curriculum includes an Educational Tour to Singapore/Malaysia, where the students would visit the best science labs and interact with scientists and research scholars. Not only that, the high performers at Indore Indira would also be given an opportunity to do a certificate course in Bangalore. And those who seek to pursue higher studies will be provided ample opportunities and training to prepare for the same.

Academic Inormation